I approached a dark-skinned woman today to get to know her.  I have seen her around for the past year and this is the first time I had a moment to say "hello."  She is usually working.  Her response was sad.  She thought I was approaching her as if she was a sex worker because she was confused.  She actually said that no one has ever come to her with interest as I was attempting to today.  

In the past, this has made me upset, given how many Black women label Black men of my education as only desirous of White women.  But the look of amazement on her face and the cracking of her voice when she said she was confused just was painful.  I feel for her and the others like her who feel that they are not valued.  

A very sad moment....  Hopefully things can turn for the best soon.

PickPik (n.d.). woman wearing tank top stands inside the dark room.


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