I Can't Breathe......

I struggle with the current effort and momentum that is being into looking at police brutality and how the States treats its Black citizens.  I am concerned that this can dangerously be only a fad coupled with the opportunity of so many people having time away from jobs, school, etc.  

I am concerned because, in my opinion, there are too many discussions of "people of color" for an issue that is primarily one that affects Black men.  I am tired of having my experience, my fears, being used as the ladder through which "people of color" promote their own values in very subversive manners.  I am tired of people citing "Civil Rights" and attaching the flag to that of the history of slavery.  I feel that too often, these discussion turn and swerve away from the fact that Black men are targeted and treated with according to a standard that can make small encounters deadly.

I am worried because I have found a large number of the people marching now to be willing participants in the targeting of Black men when it suits them.  So, for me, a large amount of the angst shown now rings hollow.  I have had police called on for incidents ranging from not appearing to be in the right place to not having sex with a girl.  And yet, these same people are now tearing up cities - because - justice?

I wish the energy used to tear up the cities could have been used to remove that officer from Mr. Floyd's neck.  Until we reach there, this will never stop.  There are no real consequences for these officers and not for many who purposely seek to destroy Black men's lives.  In fact, it is incentivized.  I understand the fear that one would have.  You most assuredly would be shot, or would you?  Would the officers not have to at least adjust their posture, removing themselves from Mr. Floyd's neck?  At which time you could back away, or be arrested and use the same video to explain to a judge that you saw an officer with his knee on someone's neck and hand in his pockets while the man was complaining about being unable to brea

Isn't that more worthwhile a risk than running around looting on various cameras throughout the city?  Or begging the system which has shown that it does not care for you to grow a conscience?

I can't breathe.  The "Oppression Olympics" is suffocating me.  Becuase I, as a Black man, as the scapegoat for others and drowned in the weight put upon me by the imagined and feigned issues of others while walking eggshells daily to live a life that is constantly being schemed upon by all who have incentives and desires to keep me under heel.


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