Freedom as the fad

I remember some years ago having an argument on Twitter.  This young lady was telling me that because I did not have the proper hashtag(s) on my account, that I was supporting white supremacy.  I was frustrated and incredulous.  Especially given that I had spent the previous week at my job trying to support American Black students who were facing expulsion.  I was doing this as a conduct officer for the university, along with a white guy from Utah who all the Black students labeled as racist - just because...

I am dodging, for the most part, most of the news regarding George Floyd and the associated protests because it hurts me too much.  I have had police on my back while being tazed three times because a cop "had to get control of the situation."  The situation being a conversation between an EMT and I following my car accident.

But I stand frustrated recalling my experience and seeing what is happening now because I do not know how true, how real, it is.  Moreover, in recollection of my experience I cannot ignore the fact that the people who harmed me most, are probably out there marching.  Not out of belief, but out of fashion.

You see, my public defender refused to speak with me and told me to plea multiple times.  She performed no investigation outside of reading the police report and did not want to examine my version of events.  Additionally, the prosecutor knew for months that the EMTs were contradicting the police report and refused to testify against me, but withheld that information.  He waited until the day of the court to present his last offer of three years of probation or five years imprisonment.  We entered the court where he told the judge that he had no witnesses and had to drop the case.

Both of these people are Black.

I also find it interesting that the normal characters are not really present in this.  Is it because it is not of their doing so their support is from afar.  No profit in for their organizations?  When there is no response, they are all over the channels, the YouTube videos, running their mouths.  What is going on now?

I would hope there is some sort of plan, but I am afraid there is none.  My biggest fear, outside of the trojan horse that will remain in our "community" and freedom to continuously blame whites for their own failings, is that without any plans, any "solution" proves acceptable.

Stiglich, T. (2020, May 27).  Cartoons: Joe Biden apologizes for comments about black voters.  The Mercury News.


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